WQI Test Sheet

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Site Name:

Test Date (mm/dd/yyyy):

Test time (--:-- --):

Ambient Temperature (°C):
GM Total Phosphate Score:

Water Temp @ Site (°C):
Water Temp Upstream (°C):

Weather and Other Notes:

WQI Data Summary Form

Test Name Field Data Units Q-ValueFrom Graphs Weighting Factor * Total Value
Dissolved Oxygen mg/L 0.17
% Sat
Fecal Coliform Colonies / 100mL 0.16
pH Units 0.11
B.O.D. Old mg/L (tested @ river) 0.11
New mg/L (after 5 days)
Temperature Delta (°C) 0.10
Total Phosphate ppm (PO4) Field Data 0.10
x 4.0 = mg/L (TP)
Nitrates mg/L (NO3-N)
Field Data
x 4.4 = mg/L (NO3)
Turbidity JTU's 0.08
Total Solids mg/L 0.07
* Total Values will need to be calculated by hand when entering on website. Total WQI Value Sum:
Total Weighted WQI Value: